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Patient support and co-pay program

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Patient Assistance Now

Patient Assistance Now Oncology (PANO)

PANO is a support center consisting of insurance specialists and case managers who provide access to information regarding an array of services. Consider PANO your first stop for information about Novartis Oncology Patient Support programs. Dedicated support specialists help direct callers to the services that best fit their needs.

To learn more, call 1-800-282-7630 or visit
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Novartis Universal Co-pay Card

Novartis Oncology Universal Co-Pay Program

Patients may be eligible for immediate co-pay savings on their next prescription of PIQRAY.

  • Eligible patients with private insurance may pay $0 per month

  • Novartis will pay the remaining co-pay, up to $15,000 per calendar year*

Encourage your patients to find out if they are eligible to enroll in the Universal Co-pay Program by visiting or calling 1-877-577-7756.

*Limitations apply. Novartis Oncology Universal Co-Pay Program. This offer is only available to patients with private insurance. The program is not available for patients who are enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, or any other federal or state health care program. Novartis reserves the right to rescind, revoke, or amend this program without notice. For full Terms and Conditions, visit or call 1-877-577-7756.

PIQRAY Access Support Guide

PIQRAY Access Support Guide

This guide provides information about the coverage process for PIQRAY and offers support for effectively communicating with health plans regarding a prior authorization, an appeal, or a formulary or tiering exception request.


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Important Safety Information

PIQRAY is contraindicated in patients with severe hypersensitivity to it or any of its components.

Severe Hypersensitivity: Severe hypersensitivity reactions, including anaphylaxis and anaphylactic shock, can occur in patients treated with PIQRAY. Severe hypersensitivity reactions were manifested by symptoms, including, but not limited to, dyspnea, flushing, rash, fever, or tachycardia...


PIQRAY® (alpelisib) tablets is indicated in combination with fulvestrant for the treatment of adults with hormone receptor (HR)-positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-negative, PIK3CA-mutated, advanced or metastatic breast cancer as detected by an FDA-approved test following progression on or after an endocrine-based regimen...

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